Technology skills are in high necessity as a consequence of technical advancement and the digital transformation Egypt is witnessing. However, the market for IT hiring is extremely cutthroat. Talented innovators are difficult to locate and tricky to capture. Clarity regarding the technical prospects to recruit requires particular abilities. The necessity for tech recruiters stems from this. They close the recruiting deficit and aid in finding the ideal match between the demands of the company and the expertise that is accessible since they are well-equipped for communicating with highly qualified people.


Technological innovation is creating a boom in Egypt, and the digital revolution has been increasingly rising which results in great demand for tech talent in Egypt. A great technical recruiter is able to match between the demands of the company, and the expertise that is accessible since they are well-equipped for communicating with highly qualified people. 




The main duty of a technical recruiter in Egypt is to have the ability to translate the business needs, understand them very well, and be able to articulate them into technical requirements while selecting the best technical candidates to hire. It is not as easy as it sounds!


So, let’s dig deep into the main responsibilities that you have:


1. Master the art of the job description:

If you want the hiring process to run smoothly, you need to master the art of the job description. In our points of view, the biggest factor that makes a difference when hiring is being able to have the right job description, and sticking to it. You need to make sure that the applicant is compatible with your organization in regards to your company’s values, in addition to having the necessary knowledge, abilities, and experience. Although this might seem simple, it really is not. Many companies in Egypt fail when hiring technical candidates as a result of simply having the wrong job description, and more importantly not understanding it well. 


2. Having a good understanding of the company:

Are you aware enough of the business’s mission and ideal? If you are, then that’s a good start, but it’s insufficient. You must be aware of the demands of the person you are hiring for, the duties of the division the person will work in, and the types of customers and activities the applicant will oversee. It enables the tech recruiter to seek qualities, backgrounds, and USPs in candidates that will complement the business and its expansion.


3. Onboarding/enrollment

Arrangement of the proposal is only the beginning of your task. It is your duty to get the applicant informed about future activities at the company and new innovations being implemented during the person’s transition phase and till she or he joins. It will generate sufficient anticipation and passion for the prospect to eagerly anticipate entering the company.


The skills you need to become distinct:


Decisiveness: you need to know how to make wise decisions when reviewing candidates qualifications or working to resolve disputes 


Ability to focus on the details: this will help you evaluate the qualifications of the candidate, while being able to maintain the proper records of the pain points that the candidates have. 


Reliability: the ability to cultivate strong networks and relationships with applicants, and the company is going to allow you to be perceived as trustworthy which is crucial. This enables the candidate to believe that you can guide them on their career path,  and this kind of trust can help you easily get referrals when you’re looking for another position. 


Being a good listener: the best technical recruiters in Egypt are the ones who are particularly able to listen carefully. They listen to the candidates’ and are able to observe their behavior which can help you determine whether he or she is a good fit for the company or not. This is also important when communicating with the manager as you are going to be better able in understanding the needs and requirements of that manager. 


Observant: you must have the urge to follow economic news in Egypt and understand the trends of the economy as it can give you some important insights on where Egypt is hiring. This is crucial as it enables you to have a good outlook on where things are going and therefore hire accordingly. Not only must you observe the economic outlook of Egypt but also the technological one. Keep an eye on the emerging technologies and where the tech industry is heading in Egypt. 


Flexibility: circumstances and objectives might alter at any time. If you get stuck between the needs of the employer and the candidate, your ability to adapt to different circumstances will help you find a solution. Managing these issues wisely while still making a good impression on applicants will pay great dividends in bringing back the candidates when necessary.


So, now what?

Let’s now take a brief look into the three most important things you must consider if you’re looking forwards to a career as a recruiter, especially a technical one. 


  1. Educate Yourself 

Studying something that is related to HR is a great start if you’re looking to have a career in HR. Degrees within this field include bachelor’s degree in HR, business, or anything in between (including psychology). 


  1. Master Non-Academic Abilities

To become a successful tech recruiter, you need more than just academic aptitude. You need certain behavioral and mental attributes to go along with your academic abilities. Among these are social qualities, decisive abilities, verbal ability, and being detail-oriented. And as repetition leads to perfection, practice these abilities.


  1. Keep Learning

The world of hiring is constantly evolving. Therefore, regardless of your level of experience or competence, you should be open to new concepts and clever approaches. Therefore, keep studying to develop your abilities, receive recognition for them, and increase your prospects of advancement. Online learning options for technical recruiting are many. Completing these courses is a fantastic approach to broaden your skill set and impress people with your aptitudes.


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