It is becoming frequently challenging for companies in Egypt to recruit and retain the best tech talent in Egypt in an economy that has a tech shortage with intense competition from companies abroad. Most tech people are aspiring to continue their careers outside, and it is a rising trend that we foresee is going to continue.


Being able to retain the best technical talent in Egypt is affected by all departments. For example, your engineers that are in charge of developing your products can attract great talent if the product that is being developed has great potential. Another example is the HR department, where they are responsible for creating a culture that is attractive to talent. 


However, since part of our business is recruiting tech and IT people for companies, let us give you some insights on how recruiters can persuade bright applicants to join their organization when they first enter your pool of candidates. 


  1. Recognize your candidate

Your responsibility as a recruiter is to fully understand what the qualifications and background of your prospective applicant needs. Ask yourself a question and think of it deeply, what is the kind of applicant you need? Determine the candidate’s personality once you’ve made it obvious what abilities and expertise are required. 


Take into consideration whether they will mess with your company’s culture, and whether they possess the characteristics that cultivate good relationships with his/her colleagues. Remember that there could be many talented individuals who have not had the chance to showcase their full capabilities. This is why we believe it is crucial for you to understand the job position that you are recruiting for, and understand it fully, even from a technical perspective. Understand it so well that you know the patterns that would differentiate the talent from average. 


Our observations throughout our 10+ years in business tell us that when a talented employee finds the right fit in a company, and is given a chance, he will blossom, and more often than not these employees are the ones that actually stay in a company for long periods of time. 


  1. You’re being interviewed too

If a candidate is truly talented, he/she is probably confident that they can work for huge organizations, which is why they are much more picky than the average candidate. This is why you should consider the process of technical recruitment involving both candidates and employers doing reviews of each other. 


Make sure prospects are aware of your company’s corporate culture because it should be its core. Make a big deal out of the working atmosphere, career-development opportunities, and training opportunities at your company. The candidate for the twenty-first century wants all of these things.


  1. Speak About Mentoring and Career Development 

In order to attract great talent, a company must create a culture that its new hires will want to stay in and succeed in. Your workforce will benefit greatly from receiving high-quality professional coaching, which is a great method to both retain and recruit teammates.


Particularly Gen Z and Millennial workers like this type of workplace environment and are more likely to join a team when mentoring is prevalent. Your skilled staff can flourish as a result of your efforts to create a learning culture. especially those who possess all the necessary skills but lack expertise.


  1. Tech Doesn’t Care About Your Background

Great talent can come from different places across Egypt, and it really is time for companies hiring for technical positions to stop emphasizing on where the person lives, where he studied, his/her living conditions. While these might be important to consider, they’re not as important as they used to be. This is especially true in the IT/Tech field. Gaining the skills necessary to become a tech specialist with elite capabilities, or great potential, is not as difficult as it used to be. 


The internet has created a medium where people can take advanced courses from their home, and it has really made opportunities open for everyone. Is it wise to take background information as critical when selecting a candidate? Is it worth the risk?


  1. Market Yourself

Having a great culture, emphasizing growth, and promoting open leadership are all great things, but if you don’t let potential employees know about them, none of these things will help you recruit talent.


Working with your marketing team to promote all the fantastic worker benefits your company offers is a terrific approach to draw top talent. Concentrate on creating material that highlights your organization’s culture, training programs, and anything else that will be useful to potential workers.


Participating in tech-related events and conferences as well as using paid advertising to target the relevant audience are other strategies for finding world class talent. Egypt’s tech events are increasing year by year, and it really is an opportunity for your company to showcase its true identity.

6. QSource Has Your Back

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