Whether you’re a beloved client of ours that relies on us for sourcing technical talent, or whether if your HR department relies on itself for the full hiring process, one thing is clearer than ever, you’re probably putting a hold on your recruitment efforts in the belief that it’s probably the right thing to do in the current economic conditions Egypt is going through. Waiting out macroeconomic trends is not a wise course of action for either company or job security as a TA professional.

Economic risk is not a justification for delaying the implementation of your talent management. Rather, use it as a chance to start again by adopting a constructive rather than a reactive perspective. You should probably move on with your vacation plans to reset your mind, but when you’re back, we settled for you a constructive recruiting mindset you should be considering in this recession.

A downturn and its effects on recruitment are accompanied by two key realities:

– It’s expected that some businesses will worry and reduce their personnel in any situation.

– Applicants will be increasingly reluctant to change employment since the economy is more fragile.

Your talent acquisition and management strategy should be based on these two realities. Recognizing that professionals will be less likely to change their jobs, your role as a recruiter should be to put relationships above everything else by building and cultivating them with assurance and faith.

Here’re three ways for you to do this:

1. Be an effective interviewer

Potential employees won’t trust the recruiter’s judgment if they can’t perform a competent and comprehensive discussion, and they’ll need to present too many applicants. Even worse, the top prospects will view them more as a barrier than an expert. Even if the potential candidate is not the right fit, your communications throughout the interview may build a relationship with that individual that you can make use of later on. 

2. Defeat opposition. 

The finest applicants, whether active or passive, will saturate you with justifications for their lack of interest. In order to have a genuine professional conversation, you must be persistent and able to overcome their concerns. This can show the best candidates how important it is for you the person is.

3. Make sellable prospects for you. 

Selling an amazing job through exaggeration is not what recruitment is about. It involves persuading a person who isn’t seeking or who has other options that your employment is the greatest, even if the pay isn’t great.

It’s hard to change.  Once you’re occupied, you prefer to rely on your familiar resources, such as LinkedIn, job sites, and copying and pasting emails that have previously been successful. When you are drowning in requests, it is difficult to be effective.

Luckily, a halt in recruiting will give people the chance to alter things up and be more constructive. Below are some methods to get going to make things simpler:

1. Become more picky

Collaborate with your talent acquisition colleagues to learn the specifics of each job at the position level. What talents are needed within the necessary competencies? What types of work must the person perform every day, every week, and every month.  What are the existing team dynamics benefits and drawbacks? What other qualities or characteristics are required besides knowledge and expertise? Are there any upcoming organizational changes that could have an effect on the person in the position?

2. Spend time growing yourself

Spend some time honing your trade and learning about your skill set: Try out different message lengths, timings, and styles as you attempt to personalize your outreach. Consider this: What are they into? Their preferred method of communication.  Try to craft a message that is so unique to that person that it wouldn’t be effective for anybody else. Consider how you can differentiate yourself from the other recruiters who are blasting them up.

3. Recognize what works

Analyze prior hires in detail using a spreadsheet, look for any patterns that can help you appraise prospects in the time forward, and rethink Metrics. Did hiring times decrease when candidates underwent less interview sessions? Which hiring procedure modifications had an influence on loyalty? Do you find it simpler to obtain answers when hiring for senior positions? What traits did the applicants who pushed you away share pervasively?

If you’re looking to hire the best technical talent in Egypt, we got you! We collaborate and fully comprehend the requirements and desires of both our customers and applicants in order to constantly provide a recruiting service of the highest caliber, underpinned by the principles of excellence, confidence, openness, and dignity.

We are dedicated to making sure that using our recruitment service is both affordable and simple. Because of this, we consistently work to develop enduring relationships with both our clients and prospects. In order for them to concentrate on managing their businesses, we want our clients to be free of the obligations of recruitment.

If you’re interested, please make sure you fill out this form with your needs and we will make sure that we get in contact with you as soon as possible!

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