The IT/Tech sector in Egypt is seriously on the rise, as its contribution to the Egyptian economy is continuously rising with rates being above 16% this year. This is due to companies across industries shifting their solutions and operations to become more tech-friendly such as the shift towards cloud-base systems. 

As more and more companies are spending more money on technology, the demand for tech workers is exponentially rising, and it represents a great opportunity for everyone within the field to become an even more important part of your organization.  With this in mind, you can be sure that companies in Egypt are going to be demanding more IT managers in the near future. 



A career in technology management may be for you if you’re keen in assisting businesses in preparing for the future. If this is you, or you’re already an IT manager looking to become more effective in the organization, here’re 5 of the most important traits you must be possessing. 


1. Communication skills are key 

Both your social and technological abilities must be strengthened if you want to succeed as an IT manager. IT managers need to be able to build connections with other business executives in order to launch new projects and inform staff members and stakeholders when innovative ideas and processes are adopted, in addition to inspiring their workforce.


2. Abilities in project management

Excellent project management abilities are a must for IT executives. When dealing with various categories of personnel both within and outside of a business, they must be able to control finances and handle deadlines. An IT manager could, for instance, be responsible for organizing the deployment of a fresh computer system, dealing with suppliers, or arranging improvements to current software or hardware. Successful IT managers are capable of doing these tasks on schedule and without mistakes.


3. Curiosity & ambition 

The position of an IT manager includes a significant amount of continuous learning. IT executives must be abreast of the most recent developments since technology is continuously changing and must be able to provide companies with the best available solutions. Sector certifications, like those provided by Cisco or CompTIA, may assist IT executives in diversifying their technological ability sets and standing out in the fight for leadership positions. For instance, the CCNP is a high-level Cisco certification that showcases networking expertise. To further their careers, some IT professionals will start out by acquiring their CCNA and work their way up to expert-level certificates.


4. Awareness

A more targeted strategy to developing and implementing an enterprise-wide technology strategy, along with an analytics plan, may be provided by being aware of one’s own capabilities and shortcomings. Successful leaders are increasingly being acknowledged as having strong emotional intelligence. A cohesive atmosphere is fostered through emotional awareness of both oneself and others, as well as the capacity to regulate it. Being self-aware as a technology manager may provide additional layers to a team dynamic. Compassion fosters trust, and for a manager, trust is a highly prized commodity.


5. Making Plans

A proactive strategy is the only strategy for managing technology. Specialists in the field advise against using hope as a tactic. Jobs in technology management can be challenging in part because they require setting priorities and adhering to deadlines. There are many shifting pieces, and each one needs careful planning. The capacity to see beyond network boundaries is among of the most effective technology governance abilities. Developing any kind of technical business plan requires adopting a step backward to properly comprehend the underlying business concerns, making it more than simply an IT objective.



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