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Our IT infrastructure services are designed to make creating and maintaining a company’s infrastructure easier, especially when it comes to the pricing complications that can be quite confusing for businesses with limited dedicated IT staff. 

In addition to helping businesses with limited IT resources, we have worked with several global corporations, assisting them in cost management and tracking the distribution of financial resources.

Our primary objective while pursuing IT Infrastructure projects is to assist businesses in thriving by providing them more flexibility to focus on tasks that are truly important rather than having to worry about the infrastructure of the business. Your business will be saved if the IT department is totally committed to the core capabilities of your organization

Why you should outsource your IT Infrastructure:

  • Manage the complexity of the Cloud:

    • Your present IT department might lack the experience and innovative thinking needed to achieve a cloud transformation.
    • We develop for you a scalable cloud strategy with our industry experience that will enable you to fully leverage systems like AWS and Azure.

    Gain access to Egypt’s top IT talent pool.

    • We provide you with access to highly qualified team members with an exceptional experience through our team of 200 IT specialists, which will eliminate all the hassles associated with hiring new personnel and attempting to keep them. You can use the time you spend on activities like recruiting elsewhere to work on more crucial projects that will advance

    Boost output and effectiveness by streamlining infrastructure operations

    • The foundation of your business is made up of your IT infrastructure. However, with so many conflicting priorities vying for IT’s the focus, daily infrastructure management frequently degenerates into a break/fix strategy that affects productivity and forces personnel to continually put out fires.
    • On the other hand, our primary business is dependable IT infrastructure management. We already have tried-and-true procedures and best practices in place to deliver preventative service, successfully resolving the majority of problems before they have an impact on productivity.
    • We have invested deeply in training our talented team to understand current and future trends in the infrastructure industry to be able to capture the scalability and flexibility to help your business cope with your changing needs.
    • To be able to capture the scalability and flexibility to help your business cope with your changing needs, we have heavily invested in training our experienced team to grasp current and future trends in the infrastructure market.

    Decrease your costs:

    By adjusting your infrastructure resources in accordance with business needs, we assist you in converting fixed IT costs into variable costs. We also reduce your unnecessary spending on things like office space, managing personnel needs, training, and hiring new employees.

    Increase accessibility and lower risk

    Your risk exposure is decreased when you outsource IT infrastructure management to QSource:

    • Security: Cybercriminals prey on unpatched, out-of-date, or poorly maintained IT systems. Our specialized IT team that is skilled at monitoring your systems improves security by continually identifying problems and ensuring that patches and upgrades are installed.
    • Destruction of data:  Outstanding providers may determine the best security against loss or theft by taking a thorough look at how your business utilizes and saves data. With top-tier security, data protection, and disaster recovery capabilities that enhance uptime by swiftly recovering operations

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We have 15+ years of experience in the IT field and have worked with large companies across all industries in Egypt and abroad.

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