Departing from your company may be extremely unpleasant, but it may prove to be extremely necessary if you’re an IT manager or leader and you notice some indicators that tell you that changing your job might be the best course of action to take. This is especially true in Egypt, where there are many organizations that have an extremely toxic culture. 

Most IT managers have at some point in their career worked for a company that has radically altered its direction, losts it purpose, disregarded its competence, or transformed in some other materially harmful way. It’s usually the time for you to say farewell when it occurs. 

So, when do you exactly know that it’s the right time for you to do this? 


Here’re the red flags that you should be aware of:


1. You don’t sense being respected or acknowledged.

It’s possible that your employer doesn’t value the effort you invest in, doesn’t value your opinions, or treats you more like a robot than a person. Operating in these business environments is similar to living in a destructive partnership; it will undermine your identity and attitude. And you’ll begin to believe that perhaps you—not the cultural outcast—are the source of the issue.

You should find another job if your ideals don’t coincide. Since you spend one-third of your waking hours at work, you really deserve to be acknowledged there. Trust me, you’ll be grateful to yourself in the future.


2. You stop looking forward to going to work the next morning

You can feel stagnate and uninspired at work, or you might dread going to work every day. These are big red flags that your skills were not being utilized. Which, given how much you’ve fought to get here, is a complete injustice to you.

You are entirely entitled to a happy existence. In addition, if your interests are being restricted (despite your best efforts to shift to a new area), it’s time to take control of your future. You entered the IT industry, which is no easy task, therefore we are convinced that you have what it takes.


3. The company is not committed to innovation anymore:

As an IT/Tech  worker, you may find it challenging to maintain motivation and interest in their work as a result of this irritation and discontent. Fortunately for you, many companies in Egypt have realized the importance of technology and have been working tirelessly to integrate technology into their solutions in a much deeper sense. If your company has not already taken this step, is it wise to continue at your current job? The answer relies on your position in the company, if you’re a leader or a manager, you may be able to be part of the change you want to see. If you’re not, this may seem to be difficult. 


4. You believe your labor is meaningless.

In an effort to give your day some purpose, you might have tried starting a side project or taking up a pastime like rock climbing. The truth is that, at its foundation, your employment feels meaningless, and yet you devote the most of your time there.

Even if you might not be sure what you would do next, you are aware that your present position is not the right option for you. Every day you invest in doing a job that is meaningless prevents you from seeking one that is meaningful.


5. You’re not being compensated fairly.

Skilled employees may not always be driven primarily by income and perks, but not getting paid what you’re worth in the free market might make you feel underappreciated. Your wisest option could be to leave if you are unable to receive a promotion since it indicates that your company may not truly appreciate you. Then it’s time to give up.


The problem is…

The problem with companies in Egypt is that it’s becoming more and more difficult for people to find a job that is suitable for them and makes it fun for them to find a job that is suitable for them. However, we’re lucky that there are lots of interesting companies that are coming out and are guiding teams through a path where they’re able to look for jobs that are much more meaningful. This is what QSource is doing, we connect people and companies together and make them find the most suitable job for them. This is exactly what we’re good at, and it’s what we have been doing for more than 10 years. This is where we’re different from all the other companies in Egypt that help businesses recruit. We have a diversified portfolio of potential candidates that are the most suitable for your company. We’ve done this for so many years and it is exactly what we’re good at. 


Piece Of Advice: 

Do not quit your job without first communicating the issues that you have with the HR department at your company. If you still feel like things have not been settled, then you should take the safe option of finding another job before you quit. 

QSource has helped thousands of talented tech people find meaningful jobs. If you feel like you might be interested, do not hesitate to fill our “Looking For A Job” form.

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